Dating antique jewellery: Earring Patents

Many designations are based upon the names of Kings and Queens, most from the royals of the English monarchy. Others terms are derived from a variety of sources. However, countries such as France have their own classification for many of the same time periods – a number are noted here. Dates provided are only a guide. There is no precise year or moment when one stylistic period ended and another began. Gradual transitions and shifts waxed and waned, new styles came into play, others continued, many fell from favor. Retro Jewelry Circa – Styles of this period in estate and vintage jewelry are characterized by the use of gold, and often rose gold. Platinum, popular in prior decades, was scarce due to its use in World War II. Bold, chunky styles with arrays and clusters of gems grabbed the imagination of the people. But rather than the most expensive of gemstones, more often they were brightly colored, less costly stones such as citrines, aquamarines, topazes and tourmalines.

Styles & Eras of Antique Jewelry (Circa 1800 – 1950)

Sapphire The most popular form of sapphire is blue sapphire, which is known for its medium to deep blue colour and strong saturation. Fancy sapphires of various colours are also available. In the United States, blue sapphire tends to be the most popular and most affordable of the three major precious gemstones emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Turquoise is prized for its attractive colour, most often an intense medium blue or a greenish blue, and its ancient heritage.

Spring tension clasps refer to clasps that use a spring mechanism as the method of holding the jewelry in place. The two most common types of these clasps .

Photo and additional information. Hollow wire or tubing formed by bending a strip of thick flat plate and drawing it through a drawplate until the desired diameter and opening are achieved. For seamless tubing, a metal disk is punched, cupped and finally drawn to the appropriate size. A plain wire ring of any size, usually round or oval in shape, used for attaching jewelry parts.

In general, the ends of the wire are bent together, but not soldered. Generally a split ring onto which keys are forced by prying apart the split sections; sometimes made of spring-loaded holders or screw and ball threaded devices. A wire, formed into a kidney shape, to which dangling earrings are attached. Used in pierced earring applications, it is generally closed, as opposed to a shepherd hook or a fishhook, which remains open. Tubular section that forms part of the hinge on the lid of a box, watch case or locket; the hinge pin fits into the knuckle.

Antique Necklace Clasp

Identifying antique and costume jewelry: Koski, Director, Wisconsin Historical Museum Whenever I give a presentation on antique and costume jewelry, it’s often followed by a session on identifying pieces from the audience. Usually the first question I am asked is, “What is this thing anyway? This short article is to help you begin to answer some of these questions. The first issue that needs to be addressed is the difference between antique and costume jewelry.

I have a number of new items including about a dozen bracelets which have just been added below with various pendants and necklaces – – and click on the images to see a full size picture of each item.

January 31, U. Considering it has been around for years it is in remarkable condition. The US mint produced 1, , of these coins in Amazing how some things stay the same. Having a little gold is usually a pretty safe way to protect yourself against the effects of inflation. December 20, Fine gold 1oz. They can be difficult to find and quite often not available to us.

These six examples just came in. They are all from the year This may be a good opportunity to pick one up. First come first serve. Call ahead first as they come and go quite quickly.

How to Identify Antique/Vintage Jewelry

Introduction Considered to be decorative art , jewellery is one of the oldest categories of precious metalwork. There are many different types of jewellery, including: Such decorative adornments were first made in prehistoric times – as confirmed by cave paintings showing figures wearing necklaces and bracelets – and have since become a regular feature of most cultures throughout the ages.

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Dating necklaces DeLizza, and Melinda L. Mary Ann Docktor-Smith is a vintage jewelry collector, historian and dealer. New pendant necklace tassel necklace pendant beaded dating necklaces natural stone with crystal hamsa collar statement pendant necklace. About Jeanne Marquez dating necklaces Our dating necklaces care team is standing by to help you manage your Shipping Pass subscription. The following is an overview of the Shipping Pass Pilot subscription service. Want to get your items fast without the pricey shipping fees?

Bulk Lots Bronze Silver Gold Plated Lobster Parrot clasp Hooks Findings 12mm

I have finally created a page for finished items coming straight from collections mine and others. My pages are such a confusion of different kinds of items that I am going to try to organize better. This is a beginning Early silver beads and bird pendants from Peru. This necklace is a bit of a mix between two areas in South America.

Some general styles are T bar pins, C clasps, C clasps with extended pins, Locking C clasps, Trombone clasps. The T Bar clasp is one of the earliest styles of clasps for brooches and pins. They were used throughout the Victorian Era.

It is a decorative jewelery item designed to be attached to garments. How much do you know about brooch? Today, I will talk about clasps used on brooches. C Clasps For Brooch The C Clasps are the earliest type of clasps used on brooches, although a modified version of them can be found on newer pieces. Most C Clasps were used pre as the rollover or safety clasp was invented and in use by However, the c clasps are still occasionally used.

Safety Clasp For Brooch A safety clasp rollover clasp or locking C clasp is essentially a C clasp but has an additional metal piece that rolls over the opening to lock in the pin. Rollover clasps became popular around and are still widely used for brooch today. Trombone Clasp For Brooch Trombone or push tube clasps consisted of a barrel shaped on one side of the clasp into which the pin was inserted. The tube moved from left to right for insertion and then slid back to hold tightly.

Trombone clasps are primarily found in European jewelry and have been in use since the ‘s. You might be interested.

Glossary Of Jewellery Making & Beading Terms K To Z

Clasps for cloth and wraps Corsets Tribal African jewelry is dependant upon three things: For example, the lost wax method of bronze casting in Nigeria and Benin started by the Yoruba in the 13th C has produced very intricate modelling of bronze pieces. Copper is another metal historically used. Gold ornamentation at coronation of Ghanain king In Ghana, the coronation of kings and leaders is celebrated with a show of gold wealth that is astounding in its glory.

Gold bracelets, necklaces and rings all have symbolic meaning attached to the styling and motifs used in the making.

Ideal for spares & repairs to your favourite necklace, bracelet or watch chain, this is a fantastic 9ct yellow gold bolt ring clasp dating from the late Victorian period. The gold is marked to the clasp as well as the adjacent ring, the clasp mark reads ‘9ct’, the ring mark reads ”.

The series of six sales, running from September, will present over one thousand lots of exceptional quality and rarity that span centuries of Asian Art. The September Asian Art Week will also feature a great deal of works with exquisite provenance, perhaps most notably the sale of Works from the Collection of Shumita and Arani Bose, featuring 26 masterpieces of contemporary Southeast Asian Art.

This album is one of three known works that Shitao dedicated to his contemporary Zhou Jing, a lay Buddhist with whom he had cultivated a close friendship during the s. The lotus reflects Buddhist notions of transcendence and, while lotuses remain pure despite growing in muddy surroundings, and bamboo shoots flourish during the harshest periods of winter, Shitao also endured, maintaining loyalty to the Ming imperial Zhu family, into which he was born, despite the political oppression he faced with the rise of the Qing dynasty.

Album of eight leaves, ink on paper. Four paintings, each with one seal of the artist. Four leaves of poems inscribed by the artist, each signed and with one or two seals. Dedicated to Zhou Jing 18th th century.

Vintage Jewelry

April 30, Author: So what things can help you identify when a piece of jewellery was made in the absence of a hallmark? Jewellery findings, that is, the hooks, clasps, pins and hinges that are used to make the piece of jewellery wearable, are an important aid to dating jewellery. These findings were often protected by registering a patent which allows us to date when a fitting was first used. US patents are available online while UK patents are not yet searchable online so the ones I will be talking about below are US ones.

Includes all products listed below to make this Inspiration Project. Printed instructions and tools are not included.

This necklace looks like an antique piece but is simply a vintage one manufactured in a largely traditional way. The pendant is a container. The lid screws off in the opposite direction that is natural in the Americas and in Europe and a small scoop is attached to the lid. The lid has an enamelled blue lion standing on the top.

The pendant has flowers on one side, and good wishes written on the other. Two lotus blossums hang as pendants. The central pendant has been added on more recently, perhaps one had been lost over the years. It is a Christian token and can easily be taken off and something else substiuted there – a blue bead might be a nice addition instead. The necklace chain is 20 inches long and has a hook closure on it.

Guide to the Eras of Antique Jewelry