Sexual assault on campus and the curse of the hookup culture

We have recently had a few articles that seem to edging us all closer to some type of disclosure. The Alliance has decided that a Full Disclosure would be to traumatic and possibly destroy what is left of our civilization. This is something that we all obviously disagree with. I say rip the bandaid off and let the healing begin! I am hearing a lot of chatter about more infighting in our community around the partial disclosure narrative. We have people like Tom Delonge coming in seemingly out of the blue to talk about disclosure. This has many in the community suspicious. I say we support De Longe and others as a first step towards unity. If the Alliance plans on a partial and slowly rolled out Disclosure, we can force that time table to speed up by holding them accountable.

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If you are at a full hookup campsite, your hose likely will already be connected to your sewer outlet. When camping, always keep your waste water tank valve closed and your graywater valve opened. However, before you dump, close the graywater valve, and allow it to partially fill with soapy water.

In addition, Oxygen Acetylene torches can be fitted with a “Cutting Head” and used to cut one solid piece of metal into two or more pieces. Steps 1 Clean the nozzle on the head. This should be done with a fine, round metal file. Just make sure that this nozzle hole is unobstructed. If holes are obstructed, a torch tip bore cleaning tool may be necessary. It should thread into a socket where both the Oxygen and Acetylene hoses come together.

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Jul Why use a Humidifier Bottle with your In-home Concentrator One of the potential adverse effects of using supplementary oxygen with an in-home continuous flow concentrator is dry nasal passages. Extreme discomfort from sore and scabby nasal membranes through to frequent nose bleeds, can be experienced by people. A humidifier bottle attached to an in-home concentrator moistens the air.

OXY-THERM ® Burners Page facilitate hook-up and installation, especially when switching from fuel gas to fuel oil. Quick-connect devices also limit the amount of time that burner components are exposed to furnace temperatures without cooling flow. This is helpful during hot.

With nothing more than a decent multimeter and premix flame blowtorch or gas stove , a two-test sequence can reveal the identity of each wire, assuming the O2 sensor is fully-functional: Determine the heater wires This should be done first. These wires serve to heat up the O2 sensor to bring it up to operating temperature via a resistance-based heating element.

The two wires which register a resistance reading are the heater wires; the other two will show up as an open circuit or infinite resistance. As the O2 heater is resistor-based, polarity is not a concern here. Note down which two wires correspond to the heater circuit and proceed to Test 2. Determine sensor signal polarity The O2 sensor signal gives an indication of oxygen content sensed by the probe by sending an induced voltage that corresponds to the level of oxygen detected.

However, this does require the sensor to be heated up to operating temperature.

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It’s a Tankless Job Using DME Oxygen Concentrators for Lampworking As we all know, lampworkers add a flow of oxygen to a flame to get higher temperatures and a more defined shape. Most lampworkers use tanked propane and tanked oxy, both under high pressure, with appropriate regulators. Tanked oxygen in particular is imho a rather unnerving roommate.

Tank pressure is so high that if the valve fittings are breached by impact as in, your tank fell over, the protective cap wasn’t in place, and the valve assembly hit something hard the tank will be propelled by the oxygen pressure at velocities high enough to penetrate a brick wall. This is also known as the “green torpedo effect.

An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply (typically ambient air) by selectively removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream. Two methods in common use are pressure swing adsorption and membrane gas separation.

Michael S Hello, SharkBite PEX tubing that is white, red or blue in color is suitable for use in potable water applications as well as in boiler and radiant heating applications but does not include an oxygen barrier. Some radiant floor and hydronic heating system components will have ferrous metal parts that will require the use of SharkBite oxygen barrier PEX tubing to prevent corrosion. We recommend checking with the manufacturer of your system’s components to see what type of PEX tubing they recommend.

SharkBite Do you need a sleeve to connect pex? The necessary tube stiffeners will come installed inside the fittings. Thank you Answered by: SharkBite What heat rating Asked by: SharkBite Can your ox.

How 5-Wire Sensors Work

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Metal Cutting Tools: Plasma vs. Oxygen Acetylene Kevin Caron: Some of my YouTube subscribers, having watched my earlier how-to videos on the various metal cutting tools, sent e-mails asking “What about the oxygen-acetylene or plasma cutter?”.

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Did break-ins and coverups lead to the Los Angeles Times firing of investigative reporter Jason Felch, who was probing new sexual assault scandals at Occidental? When Leah Capranica decided to go to Occidental College in Los Angeles, she thought she had found a school whose values matched her own. With its tranquil campus in Eagle Rock and its diverse student body — after all, President Barack Obama went there — the Springfield, Ill.

But two weeks before her sophomore year began, Capranica, now 22, says she was sexually assaulted by another student.

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Lowell Steampunk types might romanticize the aesthetic today, but a world rendered apart by huge saws and held together by rivets and bolts was never going to reach its full potential. No mechanical connection could ever be as reliable as a connection fused together at the molecular level, and machine-based cutting methods had already reached their limits by the 20th century.

So, the world had to move past mass assembly with rivets and bolts, and into an era where the pure, awesome power of fire and molten metal reigned supreme. This step is an important one for the safety of you and others in the vicinity, so don’t skip it. If you don’t have a cart yet, secure the tanks to an upright beam or some other vertical solid object using appropriate tie-down straps. Screw the fittings into the valves as far as you can by hand and then tighten securely with a wrench.

Connect the green hose to the oxygen regulator and the red hose to the acetylene regulator. Push the cutting torch in to the torch handle and hand-tighten the nut.

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Share This It is critical to fully read and understand these instructions and all literature that accompanies a torch system. All torches are not the same. Be sure you understand specifics for your particular model before proceeding. Call the manufacturer for guidance, or ask the vendor at the supply house to demonstrate the connections for you. You are responsible for your own safety. We recommend having an experienced torch user with you for calm moral support and assistance during your first setup.

Micro Stepper Motor Systems Micro stepping systems use a single large electronics unit to interface with the computer and the motor. This electronics unit oxy fuel system into an outlet on the machine interface. To Laser Crosshairs Dual Interface Cable. Servo and Stepper Motor Systems.

These products are top rated and reliable as well as affordable. You know you are getting the quality of a top brand, along with our unbeatable prices. You can sleep easy and comfortably with the help of your CPAP or BiPAP machine, our high quality accessories, and the knowledge that you’ve made a great selection. As an authorized reseller, we have the pleasure of providing you with some of the best brands of portable and home oxygen concentrators on the market.

We’ve chosen these brands because of their proven durability and overall high quality that we want to pass on to our customers. Our pricing will always remain fair and accessible to anyone who needs these machines. We also have a wide variety of oxygen concentrators that you can rent, with an array of brands and a range of prices to suit any budget. For example, if you plan on traveling and want to have the ease and comfort of a portable oxygen concentrator, you can rent one that is approved for airline travel.

We service and repair most concentrators, and have a large inventory of lightly used oxygen concentrators. How do Portable Oxygen Concentrators work?

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